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Taking “my” chances (:

Not been a long time since I’ve been on twitter. While tweeting and popping from one profile to another, I got the chance to know about word press from what Zeina Masri, Assaad Thebian, Imad Bazzi and others wrote. And as they say “curiosity didn’t kill the cat, curiosity made the kittens” so, I subscribed and made my own blog to post my “scratches”.  (Well not posting anything yet goes for not knowing how to deal with the blog and having some fear feelings of people’s opinions of what I wrote because most of my writings are poems.)  Anyway, and after all, I decided to start blogging and see what it will be like when people read me and comment. You know I’m majoring radio/TV and I must be more confident and daring. Who knows!

Nabatieh, September 12, 2010

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